satking promax software update

Software Update Instructions

Software updates are available for any SatKing Pro Max using the LCD display controller pictured right. Pro Max units with the older white round controller with no LCD display please contact SatKing for information on upgrading the unit as you can’t use the software available here.

Currently the latest software is version 18061 released on the 28/06/2018, if you already have this version there is no need to update as you are up to date. To check the software version your SatKing Pro Max is running simply turn the unit on and you will see the CT version and MB version, the CT version is the one you need to check.

Installing the latest software keeps you up to date with any new improvements we make to the Pro Max.

Changes from 18034 to 18061 are: Go home order changed to reduce area required on the roof of the van, the order is now AZ then EL then SK. Locking sensitivity has been increased, TP order on VAST changed to include searching 11970GHz. Added 2 new satellites to the list Asiasat 9 and IS-19


satking promax controller

LCD Display Controller

Updates with this version

  1. Improved searching if there is no GPS lock
  2. When changing from VAST to Foxtel or vice versa the unit now starts the search again rather than just fine tuning to the new satellite
  3. When performing an auto fine tune the unit will no longer fine tune the skew when the GPS is locked
  4. Fine tuning has been slowed to allow more accuracy
  5. EL searching range has now been reduced from 3 degrees to 2 degrees

How to install

  1. Download the software onto a USB memory stick (don’t place inside a folder)
  2. Ensure the ProMax is turned off and plug the USB stick into the USB port on the bottom of the controller
  3. Press and hold the “Tune” button and then press the “Power” button
  4. The unit will then turn on and display “USB connected, F/W Update mode” on the LCD display
  5. Once “SATKING PROMAX_SET-OK” is shown, the update is complete

Trouble Shooting

  • If the controller doesn’t recognize the USB stick the USB maybe the wrong format, the SatKing Pro Max requires FAT-32 format. (The change the format to FAT-32 make sure you back up your existing files on the stick as changing the format will wipe the files.) Insert the USB stick into a PC and check the format of the drive by selecting the USB file and right clicking and going to “Properties”, if the file is not FAT-32 you need to go to “format” and select FAT-32 file system. Then you need to download the software again and repeat steps 1-5.
  • It is also possible that the USB stick is too old and too slow for the SatKing Pro Max, trying using a newer USB stick and repeat steps 1-5.