Australia’s Most Advanced Caravan Satellite Dish & Fully Automatic Satellite TV System

Available now at RRP: $3995.00.

Flat Panel Design Offers Big Performance With Compact Size

Caravan Satellite Dish
Suits VAST & Foxtel Satellite TV, twin tuner STB’s like Foxtel IQ/Mystar and VAST twin tuner STB’s
Caravan Satellite Dish for Motorhomes
Requires much less space than other automatic satellite TV systems leaving you with more options for placement
Caravan Satellite Dish for Motorhomes
Out performs much larger dishes with latest flat panel antenna design

Automatic Fine Tuning

The SatKing ProMax a Caravan Satellite Dish that has automatically fine tune that can be selected after the satellite is found to provide even higher signal level. Simply press "OK".

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Made for harsh Australian conditions

The ProMax is rugged in construction with all metal gears for long life. Unlike the large oval dishes that need to be retracted when windy the ProMax is not affected by strong winds and the picture does not pixelate in the breeze.

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Australia wide coverage of VAST and Foxtel Satellite TV

The SatKing ProMax has recently been upgraded to now cover the whole of Australia (excluding the tip of Cape York) for VAST and Foxtel Satellite TV. SatKing has provided a map to show the coverage area’s.

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Caravan Satellite Dish for Motorhomes

Where to buy

SatKing has dealers spread across Australia, select your state to find your closest dealer.