About Our Company

100% Australian Owned and Operated

SatKing has a reputation in the communications industry for cutting edge high quality products. We have a focus on continuous product development and working closely with our distribution partners to achieve our company goals.

SatKing also specialises in both OEM & ODM for many companies within the Pay TV, Satellite TV and IPTV industries. SatKing’s range of retail ready Terrestrial TV and Home Theatre products also continues to grow.

SatKing is a fully Australian owned company with our own in-house design team, this gives us the ability to support our products locally and any company profits stay in Australia. SatKing is the leader in set top box and satellite dish design in Australia.

Our VAST MPEG4 High Definition Satellite TV certified receiver has dominated the market since 2015 to now be the clear number 1 seller in Australia This satellite receiver has been through the very detailed Optus testing procedure. The unit features many back up and disaster recovery features to assure customers continuous uninterrupted TV viewing. Releasing this product demonstrates our high-end ability and our long term dedication and commitment to Australian market.

Seeing a need for compact sized fully automatic satellite antenna for the roof of caravans in Australia we went about designing a product specialised for the Australian market. Satking has made many trips to the outback to refine the product in low signal areas. We have made regular trips to North Western WA, across the Nullarbor and through central Australia to develop the product.

With Australia being so large, just simply sourcing a product from overseas and releasing it on to the market is simply not possible. Australia’s requirements a very different to other countries, our country is not only wide but very long making specific product design very important. The signal levels in Australia are much lower than say Europe, we only have a small amount of satellites covering Australia unlike other continents that have lots of satellites covering the land mass. The ProMax being specifically designed for Australia has a big advantage over the other options in the market.