Product Reviews

  My husband and I have had installed the Satking Promax installed this morning by Supreme Audio installations in Baldivas WA. Very happy with his work and would recommend him to anyone else who is looking at purchasing and having installed on the caravan . Happy customers.
- Ann Kreher, WA.
  They are not cheap, but after carrying a portable dish for many years we bit the bullet and had one fitted to our caravan. Just completed Adelaide to Perth and back to Adelaide and loved ours, so convenient and easy to use plus a lot harder to pinch.
- Mick, SA.
  Promax is the Rolls Royce of sat finders, I got one cause I could, but yes expensive, only if it cannot be afforded buy Otherwise.
- Andrew, Sa.
  My brother and I both have the square sat king. They are by far the best satellite dish. Can withstand high wind without loosing signal and will automatically lower if you forget to put it down.
- Peter, Nsw.
  Used ours all the way from Adelaide to Perth, never missed a beat. It is one of the best purchases we have ever made.
- Mick, SA.
  Had a Promax fitted to my Kedron at Gin Gin last great. Probably the best addition I've done! Also your agents there were exceptional. Great to deal with.
- Peter, Qld.
  My sat king cost $3495 plus install $400 because the installer had to come from western Sydney to the central coast. You will need to buy the Vast box$275 and register it online. If you register as a caravanner you will have to put the card number every 6 months but if you register as a permanent resident, like Lighting Ridge you won’t have to rehit the card number all the time. Make sure you have the vast box through the satellite as often as possible to get the updates. I have an A..B..switch on the satellite outlet in the bedroom where I have my Foxtel box and every Sunday we turn one box off and the other on. The other option would be to leave you satellite up in the van and leave the box in the van. The square satellite dish has a dual LNB which means you can have both the fox and vast box hooked up together and switch between the 2 on the TV...I have had a couple of satellites over the year. This one is the best by far. Don’t have to worry about strong winds. The last one was a competitor. If a breath wind blow, I would have to put it down...hope this helps.
- Peter Tomkins, Nsw.
  Pro max, nearly as good as sliced bread. We love ours.
- Moore, VIC.
  I have had mine for 3 years. In the early days I was not happy and it was suggested to send back to Melbourne for update. Two weeks later back and fitted. Was like a new unit should be, hasn’t missed a beat since and just love it. I would never travel without it and now just use it rather than tv antenna.
- Warren Scutt, Nsw.
  I have had one on my motor home for 3 years excellent unit purchased from dealer Logan Rd Underwood very helpful bloke !!
- David, Qld.
  We have Satking ProMax on our motorhome, we love it.
- Julie, VIC.
  Best purchase ever love ours.
- Warren Scutt, Nsw.
  We have had one for 7 years works all over Australia from the top to bottom and east to west.
- Max Greenwood.
 Just installed ours. Wow how easy is it. Just push a button and a couple of minutes later 121 channels. Was getting so sick of our antenna. It just was not picking up anything much at all and would get a lot of interference. Can't wait to go bush now to see just how good it is.
- Terri Morrison
 After stuffing around wasting hours sometimes trying to set up my standard ground satellite dish, got really jealous one day when someone turned up with a Satking Promax & got signal real quick and without getting out of his caravan. That was the day I planned on getting one, saved up and now very happy chappy
- Andrew, SA
 A huge shout out to the satking group. So helpful with a problem on a promax. The lady on the phone was able to trouble shoot on the fly, then had it repaired with zero hassle. This business provides service above and beyond anything i have experienced recently. Thank you again.
- Simon Tennard
 Installed Satking Promax & Satking VAST receiver in our new van, delivered in March this year. could not be happier with the Satking equipment. Love the ease of operation
- John Beaver, WA
 Just fitted one ourselves, fantastic support and an easy fit. Pleasure to use. Been in some strong winds and no picture loss either
- Rob, WA.
 Had ours for four years, brilliant. Have used it all over Australia. When the first unit had a problem it was replaced in Darwin at no cost, never had a problem since.
- Larry Walker, WA.
 I got a Satking Promax & the associated TV. Takes up next to no room on the roof, and folds down automatically if the car starts moving & you have forgotten to lower it. Fully automatic... just park-up and press the 'go' button for almost instant TV
- Steve, QLD.
 This is an absolute awesome piece of equipment, we are full time travellers and we love it, thanks SatKing.
- Mark N Judy Schulz, Nsw.
 My name is Rodney Childs from Hobart Electronic Services and have recently installed one of these units to a motor home and it worked first time with no issues what so ever. Very well made unit and all the necessary cabling and weather proof glands for the installation. One very happy customer & technician. Highly recommend this auto sat finding unit. Very easy for anybody to use. Watch f.t.a. Anytime in Australia in just one minute of turning the unit on.
- Rodney, Tasmania.