How to Install

How to Install

Thursday, 23 Feb 2017

The SatKing Pro Max requires only a very small amount of space to be installed, in general half the area of a convential old style round dish.

No longer do you have to position your motorised system in the rear corner of the van and have long cable runs. The unit can be installed where it is convenient or even directly above your TV making installation even easier. The diargams below shows the area required for the Pro Max to operate, in general the Pro Max needs clearance of 50cm from the centre of the unit but as per below some existing products on your roof can be within the 50cm exclusion area depending on their height.

With the Pro Max you can either do a self install or get your caravan dealer to install the unit for you. SatKing or dealers can also recommend installers in your local area to do the complete installation for you.

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