How to Watch TV

How to Watch TV

Thursday, 23 Feb 2017

The SatKing Pro Max is an automatic satellite TV system required to receive the satellite TV signal but to watch TV you need to connect a set top box. There are two options when to comes to set top boxes, you can either buy a VAST receiver or bring your own Foxtel satellite set top box. Using either is simple, just plug your receiver or set top box into the Pro Max and you will be watching TV in a minute or so.

VAST TV Explained

VAST is the most popular method of watching TV with your Automatic satellite TV system. VAST is basically the same channels as you receive in the capital city but with commercials from regional Australia. You receive ABC, SBS, 7, 9, 10 and their secondary channels like ABC2, GO, Gem, One, Eleven, 7Two and 7Mate. VAST receivers are available from all Pro Max dealers. With VAST there are no subscription charges.

Foxtel Explained

If you choose to bring your own Foxtel satellite set top box, just simply plug the set top box into the Pro Max and within a minute or so all the channels you access at home will be available. Note catch up TV services are delivered by the internet and can't be received via satellite TV and subscription charge apply.

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